Enhanced Deliverability, Increased Open Rate, High CTR, Advanced Realtime Reporting, and a lot more features, available to you starting from FREE.

Key Features to Look At:

Manage Your Contact Lists in an Optimized Way

Custom Fields of all Types

Assign Custom Fields to the Contact Lists

List/Tree View of the Contact Lists

Import Your Contacts From a CSV File

Export Your Contacts to a CSV File

Make Parts of the Contact List by Splitting it, based on Number of Contacts or Number of Lists

Merge a Contact List into Another

Arrange Contact Lists into Groups

Custom Audiences based on Contact Fields and Statistics (Segmentation)

Block the problematic recipients/domains From Receiving Further Emails by Suppressing Them

Bulk Update Your Contacts According to Your Needs

Fastest Import Mechanism with Rocket Import

Option to Skip/Overwrite/Update Duplicate Contacts

Flexible Custom Fields Mapping During Import

Massive Sorting Options for Data View

Double Optin Functionality available to Confirm Subscriptions

Create Drip Campaigns to Send Auto-followup Emails to Your Contacts

Run Split Tests to Find the Best Converting of Your Broadcast or Contact List

A/B Testing of Your Broadcasts, Contact Lists and Sending Nodes

Build Unlimited Variations of Your Content by Spinning the Content

Send Personalized Content-Blocks based on Specific Criteria Using Dynamic Content Tags

If/else Conditions for the Content Areas Based on Custom Field Values

Schedule as many Broadcasts as Your Like

Post Scheduling of the Future Broadcasts

Pause/resume Scheduled Broadcasts

Set Hourly Sending Rate of the Campaigns

Daily/Monthly/Overall Sending Quotas/limits

Multi-MTA Support (Rotate Sending Nodes / SMTP)

Multi-Broadcasts Support (Rotate Broadcasts)

Schedule Broadcast to your Custom Audiences (Segments)

Batches and Loop Sending Methodology

Choice of Random or Sequential Sending Node Selection for Rotation

Track Opening of the HTML Emails

Track the Links that are Being Clicked

Option to Skip Duplicates when Scheduling to Multiple Contact Lists

List-Unsubscribe Header Implementation for Optimized Sending

Flexibility to Fetch Sender-Info From Contact List Information and Sending Node Information

Process Bounces by POP/IMAP Method

A Wide Range of Bounce Rules to Differentiate Between Soft and Hard Bounces

Skip Hard Bounced Contacts while Sending Campaigns

Add or Edit Bounce Rules

Drag & Drop Processing Order of the Bounce Rules

Add Sending Domains to Brand Your Emails

Generate DKIM Public and Private Keys

Create Triggers to Perform Actions Upon the Occurrence of Events

Initiate a Trigger when a Contact is added to a List or Segment

Option to Set Custom Delay before Starting a Trigger

Upon Meeting a Criteria

Copy or Move the Contact to Another Contact List

Send a Broadcast

Notify Admin by Sending an Email

Start a Series of Drip Emails

Change Contact Status

Change Contact Format to Receive HTML or TEXT

Update a Custom Field Value

Remove Contact from the Contact List

Add the Contact to Suppression List

Sign Outgoing Emails with a Digital Signature

Enable Custom Tracking Domains to Brand the Hyperlinks and Image Source URLs

Intellectual Pattern of Tracking Domain Selection

Add Sending Node to Connect with an ESP Account or an SMTP

Process Delivery Reports from Callbacks

Realtime and Cron-based Callbacks Processing Methods

Create Beautiful and Error-free Broadcasts

WYSIWYG HTML Editor with Massive Options

Send Personalized Emails by Inserting Values from Recipient’s Fields

Embed System Variables in Your Broadcasts e.g. today’s date, subscriber-id, recipient-id, etc

Keep Your Reputation High by Allowing Recipients to Unsubscribe Automatically

Embed Web-version Link of Your Broadcast to View in Browser

Send both HTML and TEXT Content

Check Spam Score Before You Send

Preview Your Broadcast for all Mail Clients

Advanced Drag & Drop Email Newsletter Builder

Import Your Broadcast From a URL

Fully Responsive Emails (resizes automatically according to the recipient’s screen size)

Integrated Email Server Providers



Amazon SES


Elastic Email




Quickly Setup the PowerMTA Server with PMTA Addon and Let Mumara Generates

Sending Nodes, DNS Keys, Bounce Handlers, PMTA Config and Everything Else Itself

Process Delivery Status Notifications from PowerMTA Accounting Files

Import SMTPs from a File

Auto Activate/Deactivate SMTPs based on Connectivity

Export SMTPs to a File

Create Single and Double Optin Webforms for Your Website or Application with Advanced Functionality

Flag the Contacts Producing Spam Complaints and Suppress Them by Processing Feedback Loops

Create Staff Users (Admins) and Assign Them Desired Privileges

Multithreading to Multiply the Email Sending Speed

Advanced User Management

Create User Roles and Assign Desired Privileges

Extensive Access Control List (ACL) for Users and Staff/Admin Roles

Monitor User’s Assets (data) from admin account

HTTP/HTTPS Protocols Switch

SMTP Persistent Connection (Send Your Desired Number of Emails Per Connection)

Keep the Database Optimized by Auto-deletion of Logs After X Number of Days

Add Additional Header/Footer to Every Email Going Out

Option to Select Desired Domain Key Bit Size

Automatic Pause/resume of running Campaigns Upon Connection Failure with the Sending Node

Detect and Ignore Duplicate Opening of Emails by Bots

Several Levels of Debug Log Reporting

Display/Hide Remember Me Option

Option to Logout Idle Users Automatically

Flexible Cron Timers Yourself for Different Jobs

Add Custom Headers Globally to Every Email going Out

Add Custom Headers with Specific Sending Nodes

Create API Roles and Attach Desired Permissions

Generate API Tokens and Assign Roles

Brand the Application with Your Own Logo, Title, Copyright Statement, and Images

Overwrite the Design with Your Own Custom CSS

Hide Your Main Domain by Using a Different Primary Domain

Advanced Level Graphical Statistics

Realtime Reporting of Delivery Statuses and Engagements (e.g. Opened, Clicked, Unsubscribed)

Geolocation Analytics and Individual Tracking

A/B Testing of Your Statistics Ingredients

Search Functionality in your Campaign Stats

Export Options for your Statistics

Trigger Statistics along with Number of Actions Performed

Detailed & Explanatory Debug Logs View

View Complete Activity Log

Keep Track of the People Accessing the Application

ESP Callback Logs

Very User-Friendly Update Process (Need a Few Mouse Clicks)

Create Restoration Points to Keep the Backups of the Application and Database

Two Factor Authentication (Addon)

In-app Bug Reporting System

Advanced Restful API along with Massive Documentation

Inline Help Tooltips and Help Buttons

Enhanced & Complete Knowledgebase of Mumara

Premium Support & Helpdesk

This is not the complete features list but a key features list. You’ll experience it yourself when you have it for yourself!

How Easy is it to START with?

Getting started with Mumara Campaigns is as easy as just thinking about it sending your campaigns ;-)

Decide whether you want to host it on your own server (Mumara Self-hosted) or you want to host it with us (Mumara Cloud)

If you want to host it with us, you’ll get it auto-installed on your selected server plan and our system will automatically send you your Mumara access details. This process takes less than 5 minutes for completion before you can start using it.

If you plan to host it on your server, you’ll be allocated an instant License and able to download Mumara right after the purchase. Mumara installation guide and methods can be found here.

Add a Sending Node

A Sending node is an MTA that carries your Email to the recipient’s mailbox. You can connect to any of the supported ESP accounts or any SMTP.

Start Sending

Decide whether you want to host it on your own server (Mumara Self-hosted) or you want to host it with us (Mumara Cloud)

Mumara is the Smartest Ever Autoresponder

Drive Buyers to your Business & Ensure a high ROI of $38 for Every $1 spent, Get your hands-on with One of the Most Influential channels of Marketing Automation and Customer Communication. Ever imagined to have a platform that will decide itself what variation of the email content should be sent for best results or correctly starts a series of emails to the qualified leads or decide as per the recipient’s engagement type.

A Small Case Study

During the tenure of the past decade, we have learned that automation in marketing is the future of business success. Any business without marketing is a never existing business and any marketing without automation never brings great ROI (return on investment). Every business is always looking for expansion and reaching the new clients every day via varied channels of marketing e.g newspaper ads, radio, tv ads, banners, flyers, emails, and more. Sending an email to the targeted customer has the maximum potential of converting a lead into a sale. Ever imagined why bigger brands are always following up through emails and showing targeted offers? Because it WORKS!!! Automation in marketing is highly effective and brings maximum sales for the least cost.

In Mumara Campaigns, we have highly focused on automation with a wide range of criteria that can turn your shop into a superstore and small business into a large business by staying delegate with your clients. Thinking how? If a customer comes to your clothing shop and buys a blue color collar shirt so most likely he likes the color blue and mostly wears the collar shirts. So if ever you get a chance to send him a promotion, the two keys that can convert another sale are 1- blue color, 2- and a collared shirt, so if you show him a brown hoodie then you most probably be losing a new sale. With Mumara, you can add the correct feeds of his likes and dislikes. Another possible variation could be the day of week e.g if he came on Sunday then most probably he goes shopping on Sundays, so better to send him a promotion on Sunday morning or closer to Sunday i.e Saturday. It was one example of the thousands of variations. Whatever business you are in, you need targeted marketing and Mumara is a standalone solution to your needs.

Mumara is your Sales Agent that Never Sleeps

Sending a series of Auto-responders is another great reason for revenue multiplication. When the machine is your employee that never sleeps and ready to work 24/7/365, why not fetching out the maximum benefits?

We have seen that a great percentage of the business owners are not well aware of the technology and all automation stuff so we have built Mumara keeping in view all the difficulties and make the user-interface flow very user-friendly. You set up a series of auto follow up emails to be sent by specific time intervals on chosen criteria or segments.

Trigger Based Emailing

“Mumara Campaigns” has great options for triggering. A trigger is an action to be taken on the occurrence of an event. An event may have a wide range of filters and the action to be performed can be any e.g. an event can be having a new client from New Jersey or a client who opened an email or a client who shopped less than $100 or a client with the last name McCarthy or a client who bought blue and red or a client who didn’t buy anything or even a client that is from new jersey and opened a recent email from you and shop less than $1000. So it’s an unlimited number of variations that you can set. And an action could be, starting a series of autoresponders on the above-mentioned criteria and so on.

Get your Offer Delivered to Engage Right Audience at the Right Time

  • 75% Growth in Revenue using Seamless Tools for Workflow Automation
  • 26% More Open Rates by just Personalizing the Subject Line of Your Email. Relevancy has an Extra Edge overall Generic and Less Targeted Marketing Techniques. Campaigns+ Offers Limitless Possibilities of Content Personalization.
  • 47% More Purchases with an Effective Lead Nurturing Mechanism In-Place

Higher Level of Email Engagement

Campaigns+ offers limitless options to explore the potential of Sales Process Management, Automation & Data-Driven Marketing, extensive filters to turn unclassified markets into targeted segments, advanced Workflow Automation to nurture leads, and a flexible structure to use it as you want.

As Email Marketing has Entered 2020

You too may have come across questions like the following

  • How extensive is the feature list and how long it would effectively sustain?
  • What are the options for improved deliverability?
  • How convenient it is to set up workflow automation considering the increased conversion rates with email automation?

With Mumara Campaigns

You get everything covered to the maximum extent

“Mumara Campaigns” features are meticulously designed by closely studying recipient’s behavior and keeping industry trends of predictable years into consideration.

It is developed to ensure sustainable email delivery with an improved level of email engagement and higher response rates.

Cohesive Process of Automation

Marketing automation campaigns that are triggered off by the prospect’s activity/actions perform better than your marketing timeline.

Integrated processes loaded with endless possibilities to automate customer journey and lead nurturing campaigns.

It helps you explore the potential of automation to target the right audience based on purchase history, behavior, and preferences.

Super Optimized Algorithm to Reach Recipient’s Mailbox

RFC 2369 standards implementation for the maximum deliverability and the mailbox approach. List-Unsubscribe header implementation for single click unsubscription on mobile devices and other email clients.

Ensure Email Consent Under GDPR

Mumara Campaigns has designed to adapt the existing spam laws including the major ones like CAN-Spam or Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL), it doesn’t take much to fit in for the provisions of General Data Protection Regulation (GDRP) adopted regulations in EU member states. To comply with the acts, Mumara stores a history of IP address, geolocation, and other additional data based on recipient engagements.

Checkout How Cool the Open/Click Numbers Look

Cost-Effective Email Marketing

  • Instantly Deployed or Instantly Downloaded
  • Send without the Fear of Running out of Email Credits
  • Connect with an Email Relay of Your Choice
  • Offers a Complete White Labeled Solution by adding Primary and Sending Domains to Send Emails From
  • Thousands of Features Included

More Insight on Some Key Features

The Dripping of Your Campaigns was never that Easy to Configure

Tools to help you make most of your existing database and increase the sales pipeline, while not forgetting to encourage and engage current customers for upselling, repeat purchase, and cross-sell.

Taking Automation to Next Level

A good range of actions is available at your disposal to set up automatically triggered actions.

Send Emails to Intelligently Targeted Groups

Variety of filters available at your disposal to slice the list and create contact groups of a similar sort. These better-targeted groups of contacts will help to significantly improve customer engagement and message response rate

Use Built-In Campaign Builder to Create Amazing & Aesthetically striking HTML Rich Emails

Integrated With Majority Of Globally Accepted Email Relay Services

Reporting and Performance Analysis

Mumara Campaigns offers detailed and valuable information for the sent campaigns that helps you draw a precise analysis.

  • Learn the precise location of the emails opened, and clicked. It reveals geographical details such as country, city, region, zip, browser, operating system, etc of the recipients opening your emails.
  • Know which domain/ISP (e.g. Hotmail, Gmail) remains most promising in terms of open rate, and which one ranks low in the list to fix the delivery issues.
  • Keep yourself updated on how many emails out of the total were successfully relayed, delivered, opened, clicked, or failed.

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Campaigns Connect

For Yourself or Your Business

Lite (Single User)

  • Single user
  • 5000 Contacts
  • All modules except
  • Segments
  • Drips
  • Triggers
  • Staff Management
  • Community Support
3-Month Updates

Personal (Single User)

  • Everything as in Lite Edition
  • Unlimited Contacts
  • Unlimited Lists
  • Unlimited Nodes
  • Unlimited Domains
  • Support Desk
  • Community Support
Lifetime updates

Professional (Single User)

  • Everything as in Personal Edition
  • Segments
  • Drips
  • Triggers
  • Staff Management
  • Support Desk
Lifetime updates


  • Every as in Professional Edition
  • User Management
  • Packages
  • Premium Support
Lifetime updates

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